Genesis Player guide

How do I register for G6? What are venue passes and event fees?

For most tournaments like Genesis, venue passes are what get you through the doors into the tournament hall. This is what you'll see in Step 1 of registration. Spectator passes and Competitor passes are both types of venue passes. You will need a competitor pass if you intend to compete in the official Genesis events. Otherwise, a spectator pass will suffice. There are a few events that can be entered even with Spectator passes, but this is not normally the case for most other tournaments.

Each event has its own entry fee to compete in that competition. You'll see these in Step 2 of registration.

Genesis 6 also has an optional Top 8 pass. We hold our finals in the Paramount Theater in Oakland, and the top 8 pass grants entry into the theater for the full day. There are 2 price levels corresponding to different areas of the theater.

Where do my fees go?

Venue fees, in general, go to the organizers who use these fees to run the tournament itself. Some of these costs include, but not limited to paying for the venue, internet access, streams, console/equipment rentals, and paying staff.

Event fees always go directly into the prize pool for that event. So if 1000 people enter a $10 event, the total prize will be at least $10,000.

I got my venue and event passes, when do I see my bracket and schedule?

We start making everyone's schedule and bracket after our final event registration deadline. We publish a first draft of the brackets about 7-10 days after this deadline, so we are targeting January 22 for the first release of pools. You can view this by going to your Tournament Dashboard on In general, the Dashboard is the best place to look at information relevant to you.

Once the first draft is public, you can submit feedback on as well. Instructions will be posted once this happens, but the process is pretty straightforward. After a few more days of adjustments, we finalize the brackets about 5-7 days before the event.

What do I do when I show up to the venue?

First, you'll want to pick up your badge and any merch that you purchased for pick-up. You will need to show your ID to pick it up so make sure you bring it with you! Your badge is what lets you into the tournament hall. If you're planning to arrive shortly before your bracket starts, make sure to give yourself enough time to park, find the badge pick-up desk, get through the line to pick it up, and then get into the venue and find your station! To be safe, expect 30 minutes from parking your car to sitting down to play.

We have badge pick-up available on Thursday night so you don't have to rush on Friday to get your badge before your matches.

Is there security at the venue?

Yes, there will only be one set of doors through which attendees may enter the venue, and bags will be checked at this entrance. There will be another set of doors which is exit only and where guards will be posted. We also have supervisors inside the venue. The Oakland Patrol Office is 4 blocks away from the venue and responsive to calls. If you have an issue with misconduct/harassment with any attendee or staff member, we will have a contact for you to report them. If you have a general security concern, please approach someone at the TO desk.

How do I find where and when I'm supposed to play my match?

Once our brackets are published, you'll be able to see your schedule on by going to your Dashboard. Competitions with a lot of entrants are split up into more manageable smaller chunks called pools that we run bit by bit.

Every event you're in will have a pool named with a letter and a number, like "A12" or "K6." The letter refers to the "wave" of the bracket. Each wave is a block of time, usually 2 hours long, which you'll be able to see on a schedule that we'll publish along with our brackets.

REMEMBER TO SHOW UP ON TIME! We have to run on a tight schedule and you will be fully disqualified from the bracket if you are 15 minutes late.

The number of your pool indicates the station number. A station is a group of 2-4 setups/consoles, and each game will have its own set of station numbers, which will be on clearly visible signs. You should show up to your station 10 minutes before your pool starts. If you show up more than 10 minutes late, you might be disqualified, and we do not offer refunds for DQ'd players.

For example, if you're in pool A12 for Ultimate, Wave A might be at Friday 10am-12pm, so you will go into the venue hall by 9:50am (having picked your badge up already!), find the area of the venue with the Ultimate setups, and look for the sign with 12 on it. Each pool will have a “pool captain,” who is responsible for running the pool, and generally, they will have a special shirt on and be holding a clipboard.

Find the pool captain for A12, give them your gamer tag and they will help you with the rest! While most events at Genesis are double elimination, (you are done after you lose twice) this is not always the case. Make sure to double check with your pool captain to make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

I’m at my pool, now what?

Your pool captain will have a distinctive shirt on and a clipboard with a paper bracket. Check in with them and give them your name, and stay near your pool station while you wait for your pool captain to call your matches. If you have questions about rules or procedures, your pool captain will be there to help you. When you are done with your match, it is the winner’s responsibility to report the score, but it is encouraged that you confirm that the match is reported correctly regardless of who wins. Always stay near your pool until you are either eliminated or have advanced to the next round! If your pool captain cannot find you for your later matches, you may also be disqualified, so don’t wander off!

Where can I find the rules for the competitions?


Do I need my own controller?

Yes. We do not rent controllers, but there will be controller vendors onsite you can buy from.

What are the details of the Top 8 at the Paramount Theater program?

Our finals are held at a different venue, the Paramount Theater which is about a 12 minute walk from the Convention Center. We started this tradition of a finals show at Genesis 3 and it has been immensely popular each year. Entrance into the Paramount requires an additional purchase of $25 or $45 depending on which level of seating you wish to have. Seating is not assigned within each section.

For those who only want to watch top 8 and not attend the rest of the tournament, those tickets are available after registration closes on 1/15. You will pick up your pass at the Paramount by showing your ID. It is also possible to buy passes to top 8 onsite as long as seats remain.

This year doors will open around 10am and the show will finish around 10pm; we can’t give an exact time due to the fact that tournament matches can be short or long. There will be food available for purchase in the venue.

What else is there to do at Genesis 6?

So you got knocked out, or you’re waiting in between your pools, and you need something to do. You can:

  • Play friendlies in any game

  • Watch some matches on the stages

  • Check out our Artist Alley with community artists, vendors, and sponsors (list TBD)

  • Hop on any of our freeplay arcade machines

  • Play some other console games provided by our friends at Showdown

  • If you’re still itching to compete, we will also have some brackets on demand with prizes, or, you can also sign up for any of our side events before 11am Saturday

  • Visit downtown Oakland (guide to be provided soon)

Any other things/rules I should know about?

  • If you have an issue with misconduct/harassment with any attendee or staff member, we will have a contact for you to report them.

  • Do not move or disconnect any setups/equipment that do not belong to you. If there is a technical issue with a setup, contact your pool captain or someone at the TO desk.

  • No outside food will generally be allowed into the venue

  • For more details, see our code of conduct (link to be available soon)

  • We will have a Lost & Found at the TO booth

  • Badges/passes will only be replaced at full cost.

Is there an easy way to get all this info in one place?

Yes! We will have a Genesis 6 app for everyone soon that summarizes most of this.